Bramshaw Fete

Fritham (New Forest) 4 August 2001

A date in August after Minden Day is a novelty for Minden Rose, but today a select group journeyed to Fritham in the New Forest to entertain the crowds at Bramshaw Fete. Before we arrived we were treated to some beautiful countryside and lots of New Forest ponies!

We've had a very good season so far from a weather perspective - it rained at the wedding in June, but then we were invited into the marquee. Sadly the recent heat wave has given way to a more traditional English summer, and the shower clouds were threatening from the start.

Indeed, after the first (and second) dances, we had to dash for shelter from a short, sharp downpour!

Nevertheless it brightened up again, and we cautiously performed Nutting on the wet grass ...

... soon getting back into the swing of it!

The Portsmouth street dance followed, but you can see the water on the clog boards (and hanging in the sky!)

The first set was followed, in true Minden Rose tradition, by TEA (and re-planning the next set)

This started with clogging, while the rain stayed away

Followed by the Border dance

and the White Rose (once the band remembered the tune)

As ever, we concluded with the Rose, but as it was all hands on deck for that one, there are no pictures.

So, the last gig of our summer season proved to be very enjoyable, despite the rain. Our hosts were very friendly, the audience appreciative, and there was free ice cream as we left!

See you for our "autumn season" in September!