Alton Morris  / Minden Rose Day of Dance 2002

Our joint weekend of dance with Alton Morris started with a day of dance around Alton. Several sides danced at points in the town before lunch, then processed through the High Street to the Public Gardens.

I've not tried to follow the chronology, but these pictures show all the sides that were present (I hope!)

Alford (all the way from Lincolnshire) in the gardens.

Alton Morris concluding the day's public displays

Arrowhead showing that you can dance with four

Bullnose Morris in the High Street

and again in the gardens

Knickerbocker Glory in the Market Square

Knots of May from Lewes outside Woolies

and in greener surroundings

Minden Rose dancing the Rose in the High Street

and here dancing Anstey Mill

New Esperance from Islington in the gardens

Red Stag from Southampton

Stane Street from West Sussex on the street

and in the garden