Swanmore Carnival- 22nd June 2002

Swanmore's Carnival cum Jubilee Celebration was our destination today. They'd wisely chosen to wait rather than celebrate at the same time as everyone else three weeks ago, which reduced the conflicting events. We were there also to support dancers Sarah and Abigail who live in the village.

Our first spot was by the Village Hall

A convivial setting... and the hall not only provided refreshments but also a 1950's memorabilia display.

We danced as the Mayor and Mayoress arrived, and they talked to us prior to our final dance.

Rosie was chuffed to catch us coming through the tunnel in the Rose.

Just opposite the Village Hall, a children's motorcycle display team were on parade prior to a display later in the day. Well, I just had to call in - and have my photo taken with nearly every one of the little ones! I wasn't allowed to ride a bike because (1) no helmet, (2) no boots, (3) tail to close to rear wheel!

As the procession lined up, the musician's played a tune or two.

Soon the dancers were disappearing into the distance down a country lane! The route was geared more for vehicles than pedestrians. The band pursued the dancers, without too much success! We took it in turns to accompany Dale (who reckoned that if he stopped playing he'd never be able to start again!)

Procession over, we relaxed under a tree on the recreation ground, drinking water and eating ice lollies, until it was time to perform in the arena.

And the sun shone!

Dancing completed, it was back to Chris & Sarah's for a very welcome late lunch, and to toast Dale's upcoming birthday. Happy Birthday Dale!