Entertaining the Christmas Shoppers

High Street, Alton, 7 December 2002

A chill, drizzly Saturday in December - not the sort of weather to tempt you out of doors - but a nucleus of dancers and band braved the conditions to try to add some cheer to Alton's Christmas shoppers. With two dancers laid up following surgery, we were very glad to have Margaret dancing out for the first time.

Normal kit regulations are relaxed - warm tops are allowed, and extra decoration is encouraged.

That goes for the band too. (Robert was making his first appearance in the band)

The Dummer Five-hand Reel made a rare appearance.

It wasn't only the first time out for Margaret - we had a dance enjoying its first outing too - Green Willow, learnt from Island Thyme in Victoria BC, Canada, which Margaret also danced - a double first!

But, with musicians' fingers numb...

dancers getting cold between dances, we concluded with the Rose. We had help from Ben, and Helen (one of the above-mentioned invalids) joined us too.

And then, we retired to the newly-refurbished Swan for a quick drink and warm up. On reflection, quick wasn't quite the word...

Merry Christmas to All!!