East Meon Country Fair - 6 May 2002

Today's performance is pretty local, just down the Meon valley from Alton at East Meon. The Country Fair is a big event, and our hopes were not too high when we awoke to a damp morning - thoughts of trying to put on a big display on wet grass...

But when we arrived it's OK - we're dancing on the car park outside the village hall, a much better surface. And, though the sky remains grey, the rain holds off for the afternoon. But we have competition - a pair of clowns giving rides in their fun car, playing loud music and a novelty horn. (To be fair, they didn't play either while we danced - and they joined in our finale!).

We had quite a crowd as we got off to a storming start with Uptails.

Our set included the Border Dance

And a couple of clog sets

And, as ever, concluded with the Rose.

The clowns, having joined the band going through the tunnel, tagged on the end as we danced off.