Emsworth Day of Dance - 12 May 2002

This afternoon we danced in Emsworth, on the coast and near the Hampshire - Sussex border, as part of a 4-side Day of Dance. We started in the Square. We had a small side, and a smaller band, especially to start as Dale had to complete a run first.

Only a light breeze so let those hankies fly!

Our companions were Fishbourne Mill Morris, who'd lost a dancer en route, so Alan stood in.

Adding colour to the Square

After this first stint, we moved down to the water, and took over some comfy chairs arranged by the sailing club. We did promise to entertain them, meanwhile we were entertained by the boats coming and going.

With the Hard covered in boats, the only place to dance was the street. At least the traffic was only going in one direction.

Back in the Square, Tricolex

and their band

Devil's Jumps Cloggies

Finally, a Circassian Circle for all and sundry...

Swing your partners!