Liss Carnival - 8th June 2002

Today we were invited to entertain the crowds waiting for Liss' first carnival procession, then perform in the arena. The first spot was by the Whistle Stop pub in the centre of the village - and, as the road wasn't closed, we had to dance behind the crowds in the car park rather than in front of the crowds in the road. (There was also a brass band playing on the far side of the road!). Still, some of the crowd turned their heads and watched.

and the threatening clouds only threatened.

Before we completed our set, we had bigger competition than the brass band - police and fire brigade leading the procession accompanied by sirens and horns. We actually completed a spirited Border Dance against the background noise, but then we joined the crowds to watch.

The procession was impressive for a village, and Minden Rose temporarily lost their Tiger who joined a group of school children dressed up as jungle animals.

Up at the arena, things weren't quite as smooth. The first-time organisers had different times in the programme from those they'd told us (and others) so we had to hang around. And our performance was in a hockey-pitch sized arena, where we were a bit lost. But the dancing went well and the weather even brightened up!