Chippenham Folk Festival 2003


Bank Holiday Monday was the day we'd chosen to visit the Chippenham Folk Festival this year, avoiding clashes with other activities. Unlike last year, when numbers were very tight, this year we had close to a maximum turnout.

We weren't doing a spot in the arena this year, but we were early enough to catch a few acts over a cup of coffee before we were due to perform.

The kids love to imitate.

We saw some more acts as we walked up the High Street - which was crowded withdancers, stalls and onlookers..

We shared our first spot with Ditchling, who we danced with recently at Horsham. They'd discovered banana-shaped shakers, and were supplementing their band.

Photography gets tricky in such crowded situations - so Rosie took up position on the ground in front of the band for a toddler's eye view.

We were followed by local side Hips and Haws

A break for lunch, and a chance to take in Shropshire Bedlam...

and Martha Roden's Tuppenny Dish

After lunch we processed, with everyone else, from the library to the arena, then hurried back to the Butter Cross to dance. What a joy to have a full side out - it's ages since we've danced 12-up Alton Morris out.

The spot was shared with Mr Wilkins' Shilling (we offered them our Mr Wilkins, but they politely declined)

And Crook Morris

Our final spot was back where we started at the zebra crossing, though this time we danced on the pavement rather than the road.

Isn't it nice when the youngsters join in spontaneously?

Our final dance, as ever, was the Rose: this time for 14, with our photographer and friends and most of Hips & Haws joining on the end. A rousing climax to a great day's dancing.