Golden Pot Folk Day

Golden Pot, Shalden, 25 May 2003

A folk club has recently started up at the Golden Pot Pub, Shalden, near Alton, which several Minden Rose members attend. Today they had a Folk Day in the garden, and we offered to dance during the afternoon.

The stage had protection from the elements..

Minden Rose shared their protection with the raffle prizes, including another guitar from Alton Music (01420 88771) who donated a similar raffle prize for our weekend of dance last year.

As a late decision, and with several dancers away (some already at Chippenham) we had to use irregulars to make up the numbers for some dances.

And as the Street Dance started the clouds grew heavier...

For the Border Dance (East Acton) Goretex jackets might have been better than the Rag Jackets!

Then the rain grew heavier as we concluded our spot with Nutting (and the sun cam eout as we drove home!).