Broadwood Morris Day of Dance, Horsham - 10 May 2003

Minden Rose's first visit to Horsham, as the guests of Broadwood Morris. The bright weather we've been enjoying decided to have a day off, so it was wet as we started (though not actively raining). After a procession from one end of town to the other, Broadwood started proceedings by the bandstand in Carfax.

They were followed by Magog

This is the women's side from Sompting Village Morris (the men appear later)

Ditchling Morris impressed as ever - here to the accompaniment of a solo saxophone.



A pair of scottish dancers performed

Minden Rose's Appalachian aficionados cast a critical eye over High Jinx...

... who were performing to live music from the bandstand.

Back down a the Red Dragon, where the procession had started... there was dancing ...

... and a stream to amuse the youngsters

Alton Morris were there

and Jack Straws


Stane Street start them young

Rampant Rooster

Minden Rose cloggies outside Next

Stane Street at the Bear.

while Minden Rose look on

before performing Green Willow

Ditching Morris in action

Here's Sompting Village Morris' men's side

The day concluded with an open air ceilidh by the bandstand, but the rain started in earnest, and people drifted off after a few dances.

Still, we'd enjoyed our first visit to Horsham, and we'd met and watched several sides with whom our paths had not previously crossed. A great start to the summer.