Swanage Folk Festival - 6 September 2003

Our end-of-summer outing was to the Swanage Folk Festival. Several of us have wanted to attend for some time, but this was our first visit as a team. There were lots of sides around, and time to watch as well as to dance.

Bourne River followed us at the Red Lion.

And they were followed by Plain Capers

The music was good

And dancers took the time to watch other sides

Wreckers from Kernow had preceded us at the Red Lion, but we found them again on the sea front.

Sometimes you just need to sit down and look at the view

Just a couple of the many sides adding colour to the sea front

A procession followed - the length of the sea front, which seemed to have got longer since we walked the other way. We then returned to the pier for our final spot - bright despite the band of heavy cloud loitering over the bay.

The wall provided good seating to watch Datchett who were sharing the spot with us.

Though they moved onto the road where the surface was more predictable.

We gave our final spot a bit of welly

Before making a complete hash of the Rose!

Still, it was a very pleasant day out, and there was lots more to see and hear for those who were down for the weekend.