With Zugvogel and Wight Bells in Southsea, 6 July 2003

Our final day with Zugvogel consisted of a trip to the seaside - Southsea to be precise, meeting up with Wight Bells. We had to go in kit, so there was a photo opportunity while we waited for the bus to pick us up in Ropley.

On arrival in Southsea the youth side loosened up with a team massage...

... and Minden Rose jumped on the bandwagon!

Minden Rose's first set started with the Wain, accompanied by ferry hooters

Zugvogel's first set included the impressive flying girls

Then it was Wight Bells' turn

At the second spot, after a pause for refreshment and kite flying, we danced backs to the town rather than to the sea - the finale to Great Wishford actually looks like a flower today!

Zugvogel look good against any background

Wight Bells again

Third spot - further east again - the youth team in action

and the adults

Our finale was the Rose (What's this, the tiger out of kit?)

Wight Bells' band play for their final spot

The all-in finale: a massive Not For Joe - hang on, I see a tiger in there...

And the answer is - flautists combining to confuse! I lent the tiger suit to Mona, so Zugvogel had a tiger in their tank today!

And now, Zugvogel have returned home. It's mighty quiet around here. But rest assured, we'll meet up again.