Zugvogel in Winchester, 4 July 2003

The start of Zugvogel's long weekend with us - a visit to Winchester, where the Hat Fair is in full swing, a chance for a little sightseeing and for them to dance in front of the Cathedral. But first, an exile needs the refreshment of traditional ginger beer!

It is particularly special to have Zugvogel's youth group with us this time.

Not to mention their Director of Photography, making sure that things are just so for the group photo.

Relocated for the second part of the peformance, the BSO's truck made an appropriate backdrop for the professional musicians Zugvogel brought to accompany them.

Want to now what's under those old women's clothes? You'll have to come and see the show!

As ever, Zugvogel's performance was stunning,

The precision of their moves was impressive

And the Cathedral an scenic location - first in South German style with shawls and white aprons

Here they are dancing in North German style, with the aprons looped up to hold fish or other goods sold in the market.