Entertaining the Christmas Shoppers

Market Square and High Street, Alton, 4 December 2004

In association with Alton Town Council,

Our annual outing, at the invitation of Alton Town Council to entertain the Christmas shoppers in our home town. This year the weather was kind - not too cold, and dry. Our first spot was in the High Street among the Continental Market.

Many of us commented that we'd never seen Alton so buzzing as it was today

After a breather we moved up to the Market Square, where an Alton Herald photographer lined us up for a group photo.

We then danced alongside the Craft Market

Before returning to the High Street, where we danced the new Turk Street Chaos

Concluding, traditionally, with The Rose

Some of the local youngsters were so keen they joined on the end as we danced off.

Merry Christmas to All!!