The Alternative to a Day of Dance

Golden Pot, Shalden, 3 July 2004

Today would have been our day of dance, but there proved to be too much competition for sides on this date, so we scaled back - to dancing on our own for an evening spot at the Golden Pot. In fact, it turned into a very relaxed and enjoyable session.

It was the first outing for the new dresses - not much different from the previous ones, except the fabric hasn't faded, and the pinnies are like our original ones. All but 2 dancers and 1 musician were present - and 2 of these arrived after the pictures was taken.

Pristine new kit ... I think I'll spill my drink down it!!

As the rain showers cleared, but the light faded, we danced in front of the pub.

Green Willow got an outing - there's always relief in the dancer' faces at the end!

The cloggies did a couple of spots

And details of new kit were compared - this was petticoats I'm told.

With an almost complete side, we were able to dance Alton Morris for 12 again

After a final Rose we retired to the skittle alley, where music was played and songs were sung

...some of the songs requiring actions