Swanage Folk Festival - 12th September 2004

Our visit to Swanage was threatened with poor weather, and as we started to dance, it started to rain - so here's a musician's eye view of proceedings from under an umbrella!

Wreckers' band were sheltering too

as were Mayflower

But Wreckers soon came out to play

and the breeze kept St Piran's flag flying

We were also joined by a side from the New Forest whose name escapes me

As we moved to our next spot we saw Dorset Buttons

Ilfracombe Red Petticoats

and their band (with Knockhundred Shuttles in the wings)

At the Heritage Centre there were cloggies (not sure of their name)

more cloggies (Ridgeway)

and more cloggies (Beetlecrushers)

Then we danced - the stiff breeze challenging us to keep garlands upright.

But we managed

Can't remember who these were who shared our spot

We were followed by OBJ

Then we went on to the pier for our final spot. Mike in contemplation...

The dancers in action

The band in something like action (minus Tony, whose banjo objected to the damp so he became photographer for the day)

Jenny texting "get me out of here!"

Our final spot was shared with Southern Lights from Southampton

We finished with The Rose

And we were followed by Exmoor Border Morris.

So, despite the wind, the rain held off and we had an enjoyable day by the sea.