Wight Bells Day of Dance, 4 September 2005

In what looks like being our only late-summer outing this year, we joined Wight Bells for their day of dance on the Isle of Wight. As in 2002, we drove to Southsea and took the hovercraft for a swift and easy crossing.

This meant we didn't have to catch the train from Ryde Pierhead, though we could see it from  afar.

Most of us succumbed to the first temptation - coffee.

But more or less on time we started dancing by the Canoe Lake. there was a stiff breeze from the East.

On this occasion, it was the band attracting the photographers' interest.

Green Willow

We then moved on to Shanklin seafront, on a coach provided by Wight Bells, and danced on the old Pier Apron

The breeze was a lot less here, so the hankies could fly.

After our spot we got lunch while Wight Bells and Tricolex danced. We then moved on by coach to Arreton Barns, where Wight Bells did a dance to set the scene, before the other sides did a few dances each.

Wight Bells' band almost seemed to outnumber their dancers!

Our set included Great Wishford

Oyster Girls had joined us and danced next

They were followed by Tricolex

Then finally there was a massed East Acton Stick Dance - and one young dancer was ready and waiting