Chippenham Folk Festival 2005


Bank Holiday Monday was the day we'd chosen to visit the Chippenham Folk Festival this year (with some of our members appearing with Knickerbocker Glory on Saturday and Alton Community Choir on Sunday)

We were there in good time and able to see the acts on stage before us: Mr Wilkin's Shilling

Island Cloggies

For our spot we did The Wain

Alton Morris

and The Rose

After us came Flash Company

Then the excellent young Silver Flame

followed by Boghoppers and Bushbeaters

We then moved to the High Street where we followed Sgt Musgrave's Dance

This set included Beau Knot

We shared the spot with Flash Company

As we went for lunch, I think this was English Miscellany doing rapper at Borough Parade

After lunch came the procession, with our photographer carrying our banner, then we legged it back up through the town to the Rose & Crown, where we shared a spot with England's Glory

Our dances here included Great Wishford

After we'd finished we were followed by Westrefelda Morris

Our final spot was at the Butter Cross, where we followed the Flag & Bone Gang

We shared out spot with Wolf's Head & Vixen

We did Nutting

Wolf's Head & Vixen did a turn

We did Sally's Dance

Before finishing with the Rose

The advantage (?) of being the squire's grandson is that you get to tag on the end...