Entertaining the Christmas Shoppers

High Street, Alton, 4 December 2005

In association with Alton Town Council,

This was our annual fixture to entertain and encourage the shoppers and stallholders in Alton's Christmas market. The High Street was packed with the continental market at the west and stalls for local organisations, charities and businesses at the east. Our first spot was near the continental market at the foot of Cross & Pillory Lane, but our photographer had an appointment with a horse so arrived after that set.

Second spot was among the local stalls. Walking from one end tot he other you realised how busy the town was.

Nearby there were some donkeys, who turned their heads when they heard the music.

Ah, it's Morris dancers...

Oh well we may as well all watch.

The town crier stopped to watch too

And so, in the bright winter sunshine, we added some colour

Why does the sweep always arrive when you want to start dancing?

Let's dance anyway...

OK, so where's the squire gone? Looks like she's still issuing instructions from the train!

"The Rose to finish"

Our pitch was next to the Rotary Club, who were serving soup and rolls. At this point I think they were serving themselves, which they deserved.

Merry Christmas to All!!