Green Man Folk Club's Potstcok 3 at the Golden Pot

Golden Pot, Shalden, 18 June 2005

We danced at the third annual Golden Pot Folk Day. Unlike the previous years' dodgy weather, this was a scorcher, especially dancing at the front of the pub to attract passing traffic.

There were a number of sides present, but it was Basing Clog Morris who were before us at the front

together with their band

Soaking up the sun - or flapping the skirts in a vain attempt to cool down between dances

Despite the heat, their kicks were high

Then it was our turn - Beau Knot

The Street Dance

and Uptails

Time for a breather and a pint before we headed for the garden, catching the tail end of the Four Marks Folk Orchestra before we were on.

We did our "Chippenham Arena" set - The Wain

Alton Morris

and The Rose

at the end of which the band were joined by 2 grandsons (each with a grandfather in the band and a grandmother dancing)

And little Archie was lined up for his first Minden Rose group photo.

Photos: Bridget Simons & Aidan Simons