Dancing in the New Year

with Alton Morris, Fleet Morris, Knickerbocker Glory and OBJ

Market Square, Alton, 1 January 2005

Our traditional start to the new year - with a bigger crowd of dancers than ever (over 50 according to the Alton Herald) with our friends from Alton Morris, Fleet Morris, Knickerbocker Glory and OBJ.

Sadly the year started with drizzle - not a friend of the instruments, though dancers dry out OK. Alton Morris were first up, squeeze boxes duly protected...

... and bringing colour and movement to the Market Square on a grey day

Fleet didn't need raingear, but they had a watchdog just in case! And the loaned musician was reciprocate with a dancer...

One word of warning - that tooth fairy is far too enthusiastic - just keep your mouth tight shut!!

OBJ, as usual, managed to find a passer by to hold their banner after a little coercion by Doug. We were collecting money for the Asian Tsunami appeal, and Pizza Express allowed us to pester their diners. I'm glad to report that they (and others) gave generously and a very respectable sum was sent off.

OBJ's sizeable band

Knickerbocker Glory had to wait for a dry enough spell to uncover their boards, then gave a lively display.

They were clearly happy to be dancing

Oh yes, we were there too - the electrified (electrifying?) band

... and our gallant dancers.

To conclude we had a dance for all-comers

Whether this displays inter-side harmony or rivalry is not quite clear, but we'll assume harmony and wish every one a Happy and Peaceful New Year with great dancing.