Celebrating St George's Day

Castle of Comfort, Medstead

23 April 2005

This year we decided that we should celebrate our national saint's day in appropriate fashion, so we went to the...

... where they were holding a ...

So we got out our red roses

and set about dancing. In fact, several dances were performed before the camera arrived (in my car which suffered a blow-out) but we arrived in time for May Apple

Followed by one of the finest renditions of Green Willow I've seen

Did I tell you where we were?

You can see the BBQ under way in the background, but next on the menu was Beau Knot

Followed by an animated White Rose

There followed a performance of the long lost Medstead Mummers Play, resurrected by Dale "St George" Lodge and performed by members of Minden Rose's band and regulars at the Castle of Comfort (and starring those who fall into both categories).

In order of appearance: the Ballad Seller

Twin Twan

Belzie Bub

St George ("Hurrah!")

The dragon ("Boo!")

The Turkish Knight

And a dodgy Doctor

To cut a long (and well written) story short, St George fought with and killed the dragon (it's a brave man who casts his wife as the dragon!)

He then fought with and killed the Turkish Knight (despite the Knight's Star Wars technology)

The Turkish Knight and the Dragon were then cured by the doctor

And we still don't know if there any eligible virgins in Medstead!

Following the play, we concluded the dancing with a Rose in the failing light

After which St George enjoyed bangers-and-mash from the BBQ (I say George, are those Dragon Sausages?)

Photos: Laurie Denness, Rosie Simons, Aidan Simons