Burghfield May Fayre

7 May 2006

Today we were invited by Burghfield Residents Association to dance at their May Fayre on the village green at Burghfield, just south of Reading.

It was an unusual experience for the band - some distance from the dancers in order to make use of the PA system.

Still, the dancers started with a storming Uptails.

Another stick dance - Sally's Dance

Great Wishford

The start of the second set was delayed by an attention seeker!

But Lesley and Jackie were clearly amused by something else.

Street Dance

As there seemed to be a large number of young children around we included a Pat-a-Cake Polka. Some of the volunteers were rather larger than we expected...

... but they joined in with gusto

As usual, we ended with the Rose. Norman must have a sixth sense, as the dancers discussed taking a shot of each couple as they came through the arches - which is just what he did.