Celebrating St George's Day

Castle of Comfort, Medstead

23 April 2006

After a bright sunny day yesterday the weather for St George's Day looked decidedly, well, English: it drizzled most of the afternoon. But precipitation had ceased when we came to dance at The Castle of Comfort to celebrate our national day (even if it was rather gloomy).

Sarah from Island Thyme in Victoria BC, Canada, was visiting, and it wasn't long before she was volunteered to dance a dance she'd never seen before. At least with Beau Knot it's a case of going where you're pulled.

She had more chance with the Street Dance, which Imelda taught Island Thyme a few years back.

A cheery finish to Wishford.

The new Turk Street dance made another outing - it's becoming a regular fixture this season.

As the light failed, we danced Nutting under the watchful eyes of Roy and Marguerite Dommett: twenty-something years since Roy taught us our first dances, they are still loyal supporters and it's always good to see them.

Lesley and Freda performed a couple of clog dances to Dale's accompaniment.

A fine performance of Sally's Dance followed - the sprockets turning with precision

The now-traditional mummers play followed, with a flowery introduction.

But soon it got down to Dale and Freda having a row - sorry, George slaying the Dragon.

The Turkish Knight wasn't to last much longer (nor was the light!)

After the play it was all-in for the Rose - tiger, dragon, esteemed Canadian visitor, and Sylvia who'd dropped in on her way home from Cornwall.

Actually, it wasn't the last dance: we realised that we hadn't danced Green Willow, which we had learnt from Island Thyme, so a final international performance ensued. An interesting example of how dances move and evolve, as we'd changed it where we couldn't remember / interpret / manage the version danced by Island Thyme. But we got to the end together...