Barley Mow Tilford 2 June 2006

With Alton Morris and Pilgrim Morris

A few years ago we came to dance here with Fleur de Lys and it rained so heavily we couldn't do anything. Tonight was oh so different - a still summer's evening, with the setting sun giving a special glow to Alton's red kit.

The other guests were Pilgrim Morris from Guildford.

Pilgrim managed to make a dance for 6 stretch the full frontage of the pub.

When some of the parked cars moved the kerb around the green made a convenient place to sit and watch (if one wasn't having one's tail pulled!)

Minden Rose did dance too - but without a supernumerary person to take photos most of the time.

By the time the last dances came around the light was fading - or were the dancers getting faster?

I've decided we should have a caption competition from time to time - and here is your first picture.