Milestone Museum, Basingstoke

12 May 2007

Milestones ( invited us to their Day of Dance at Easter but we were unable to attend, so we went back today to perform a few dances and entertain the visitors, and to have a look around ourselves. It's a very good museum, well worth a visit.

Our first spot was outside the Saw Mill.

And we seem to be enjoying it!

Second spot, after a pint in their pub, was at the junction of Commercial Road and London Road - and a chance to dance the Portsmouth Street Dance in front of some historic Portsmouth Corporation buses.

There were quite a few young visitors to the museum, several of whom joined us for a Pat-a-Cake Polka.

Kimberley was doing brilliantly on her first dancing-out, here dancing Green Willow...

Between sets there was a chance to mooch around the museum, or to chat on street corners.

Our final set included Nutting...

Some (most!) of the side sneaked off to the sweet shop between dances.

Thanks to Milestones for a pleasant afternoon's dancing, protected from the rain outside!