Rochester Sweeps Festival - 5 May 2007

Our first visit to Rochester for 3 years, cool and grey but not the biting wind that we recall from years gone by, thank goodness.

Our first spot was shared with Old Star Morris.

Our band were ready...

...and we're off.

And a neat finish to Great Wishford.

There are lots of sides at Rochester, but most of them (like ourselves) are aging. So it's nice to see a young side - Young Miscellany

They even stop the street cleaners.

Next we shared with Woad Works...

... and Loose Women...

...who also danced together.

If you can get above the crows (e.g. by the war memorial) and look along the High Street there is Morris as far as you can see. Here Alton Morris are closest, but I can't identify the hankies beyond.

I know we've seen this side before, but I can't bring their name to mind. Anonymous or not, they were very good.

Caption competition for this one, I think!

Precision sticking from Woad Works.

Sally's Dance nicely fits the roadway... does Beau Knot.

Another caption competition?

Another  side you're sure you should be able to name...

...but there's no mistaking the Fez Heads.

Maypole dancing further down the High Street.

The far end was quieter, despite the good dancing.

The crush in the middle of the High Street increased, but from my eyrie I got shots of some more sides...

At the George Vaults we found Hertfordshire Hollies dancing Anstey Mill - that's our dance! (Or at least our name for the dance). They looked worried when we told them so - think they thought we wanted royalties, but we were just interested in the route by which they had learnt the dance.

Our final spot was shared with Slubbing Billy

It's always nice to see people enjoying their dancing.

Finally, a Rose and home...

A parting view of Rochester Castle from the car park in Strood.