Travel to Minden - Wednesday 29th July 2009

Packing for the journey - there's always someone who doesn't want you to leave!

Overnight staging post close to the ferry.

Team Tooth Brushing

Working out how to fit the beam deflectors to the headlights

Boarding the ferry at Dover

Early morning on the ferry.


Shopping on board.

Off the ferry and into France

A few dozen miles and we enter Belgium

That Audi's been following us for miles!

Through the Kennedy Tunnel at Antwerp

Right through Holland and into Germany

And so, with little trouble, to Minden, and our home for the next few days.

View from the hotel - Minden Station. Lots of trains rumbling past, but not too disruptive, and the hotel is really welcoming.

First foray into the town.

A cannon with roses - Minden Roses of course.

The first Pilsner (but not the last!)

Sitting in the stands waiting for Beating the Retreat

Another Pilsner!

The dignitaries appear from the Prussian Museum

The British OC makes a speech

The Ghurkha Band

Ghurkha dancing

Piper on the museum balcony

The flags are lowered as the band march off.

Flypast by Army aviation.

Minden Roses leaving the arena

The Marktplaz at night - setting up for the Gourmet Mile

Melita Coffee Lounge (Melita are based in Minden)

Looking down the Gourmet Mile to the stage

And so to bed!