Minden - Thursday 30th July 2009

A car park near the hotel provided a good place to practice.

Minden Rose - colourful even out of kit.

We drew an audience from passers by and local shops.

And the sun shone

The Wain for 14

And now we are ready to give our best.

Lunchtime and a chance to walk into the town, crossing the river Weser.

The Schiffmuele - one of many historic mills around Minden.

As we sat in the sunshine enjoying a quiet lunch, the Royal Engineers and their German counterparts launched into a rehearsal of bridge building with their amphibious vehicles. It started with a splash!

Moving into position

Safety boat

It's amazing what a 3-man crew can do

Talking to a German officer afterwards

And so, our first performance. The local children were keen to join in before we'd started!

The first set was on the stage - which was a bit tight but the smaller dances looked good.


What a band!

Mrs Hepple gets her only outing of the trip

Another band spot while the dancers regroup


The Rose "mit Tiger"

Some of the street theatre people join in


Refreshments for the band

Second spot on the stage for the official opening of the Gourmet Mile, and we formed a backdrop for the Mayor making the speeches.

Down by the Dom (Cathedral) the street theatre went on

Food time from the Minden barbecue

Large chunks of Ox are very welcome

The Minden Band of the Queens Division march through the Cathedral square.

The band perform for the invited guests

More street theatre

Eating, drinking, hiding from the rain

We bamce very friendly with this mime artist over the weekend

Mime artist joins the Minden Band on stage

The girl running this mouse lottery had an amazing bilingual patter

A band on stage as we headed back to our hotel

Great lighting effects

The band

The Weser from the suspension footbridge by night - rather more peaceful than when the military were bridging it!

Looking north

And so to bed (OK, a few beers first)