Minden - Friday 31st July 2009

Today is our history day, and we're all dressed in our team shirts for the outing, gathered in the breakfast room.

Martin tells us about the context of the Battle of Minden from a British perspective

Our guide, Wilhelm (Bill) tells us more from a German perspective.

Then by car to the Denkmal (war memorial) where we laid roses

Grouped around the Denkmal

That's us!

Flowers by the memorial plaques from a former barracks.

Roses in our colours

Bill describes the battle field to us.

Stopped in the middle of the battlefield - not much to see, but you can get a sense of scale.

Young people entertain themselves in other ways

And so, back to the town, to the Cathedral

Outside the Dom

It's dedicated to St Peter

The font and view up the nave

Impressive post-war stained glass

A replica altar back - the original being in a museum in Berlin

The apostle frieze

Bill telling us about it

Candles wafting prayers heavenwards

Interesting crucifix

Looking back

Time for a rustic lunch

Dale meets and greets the Green Woman

Back on the stage for out first performance today

The TV crew who missed us yesterday were much in evidence

Street Dance - Mel struts her stuff

The Rose

Round we go

Martin lines the beers up for the band

The tiger leads the dash to the bar

but the rest of the band weren't far away!

That slips down nicely

Diana and Helen interviewed for TV

The Tiger too

Tiger interacts with street theatre

Second spot, near the Dom

The band on a street corner

Here we go

Ben does a solo - dancing trombone!

Nutting again


The end of the Rose

The newest band member

We gave a polo shirt to Bill, seen here with members of our support team

We had to share a beer in celebration

A rose in Minden

Now some went to the Tattoo, others to a pub halfway to Bremen.