Minden Day - Saturday 1st August 2009

Although today is the busiest day if the celebrations, for us it's free time until mid-afternoon, so several of us went to the camp to see the re-enactors (who we'd miss in the afternoon as we're dancing).

We met some of them as we entered the camp.

Not sure about the outfits, but I think they're authentic.

French cavalry (played by Englishmen and women)

Out in the training field.

Prussian and British forces in battle lines


Another troop march in with their cannon


One regiments colours

Bet that made you jump!

The British Doctor

The band leading the troops off.

Within the camp - dinner being prepared

Filling cartridges with gunpowder

After lunch we gathered on the riverbank to watch the bridge building display. The Minden Band marched in

Together with representatives of other regiments

The crowd grew around us

Safety boat on the scene

The first bridge vehicle heads for the river

...with a splash!

The engineers set about their task with alacrity

The "wings" of each vehicle interlock to provide a floating roadway

Soon the whole river is covered

The first troops cross and fly flags

Then officials and military march across

Parachutes - British

and German

The general public were allowed to cross the bridge - but we couldn't as we had to dance shortly.

Minden Day -Peggy had bought roses for us all to wear

The band line up ready (as it's the intro to Alton Morris only drum and flute are playing!)

Alton Morris gets an airing

The Wain

Jonny with dancers on his euphonium

The crows seem to like it

The Rose completes our first set

Ben comes out of the tunnel

They like us!

Between sets - an ice cream...

...on a massive scale

Second spot, at 8pm, outside the Melitta Lounge

Turk Street

The Rose again

Sylvia got carried away with the garlands

And so some food and back to the hotel for a session in the bar, with some of the German re-enactors who lent hats...

...and jackets

A good time was had by all

And the barman was happy as the beer flowed

Happy friends

Various songs, in various styles, were sung

And eventually to bed...