Sunday 2nd August 2009

The shuttle bus from the camp to the town

Some of us crept off the early Mass at the Dom; a greater group gathered at the Lutheran St Martin's Church for a special memorial service. The re-enactors were present (as were members of the current-day regiments)

The musicians from the Minden Band of the Queens Division played.

Emerging from the church

Gathering up with Bill for a tour of the upper town

The amazing pulpit in the church.

Carving on the ancient choir stalls

One of the big (originally military) buildings near St Martin's

Into the old streets we head

An interesting old house-cum-warehouse-cum-stable.

Coat of arms and date on an old building.

The horses and their riders who had performed near the church

Carving on a building

Up to the top of the museum

Bill tells us about the development of Minden

Bridget found some dressing up clothes in the museum

David made himself at home

More carving

The oldest building in Minden I think - the old mint.

Another old military building by St Martin's

Birds of prey were being flown in St Martin's Square

Bill bids us farewell in the Marktplatz

Then time to dance again - Alton Morris by the Melitta Lounge

The Wain

Looking up at the band

The Rose


Shortly afterwards, our final spot by the Cathedral


Green Willow

The Rose to finish

We gather together to sign "Rolling Home" - it's traditional on our trips to Germany.

Back at the hotel, we saw a steam train pass through the station. Just like home!

In the evening we all went out to a restaurant. A convivial time was had, but the service was just so, so slow.