About Minden Rose

Minden Rose is an established Garland Dance side based in and around Alton in Hampshire.

Minden Rose was formed by a group of ‘Morris Widows’ fed up with following their husbands who were in the local men’s Cotswold side. With the support of world-renowned expert Roy Dommett the side learnt a range of dances from England and beyond, and were soon appearing at local events and then at festivals.

Minden Rose is a family side, witnessed by the husband and wife and mother and daughter combinations within the team. We all muck in to have a good time and put on a great show.

The Minden Rose

Minden Rose are named after an emblem of the Royal Hampshire Regiment who, at the Battle of Minden, picked roses and put them in their hats before advancing to a spectacular victory. See Battle of Minden but also KOSB article on The Minden Rose

The Band

Minden Rose always dances to live music provided by a band playing a wide range of instruments. The band’s focus is on playing music that works for the dancers, and on involving as many as possible in making music, though in recent years we have often performed with a solitary musician.